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Our Engineering staff have hands-on experience in plant and conveyor maintenance and the extensive application of our products. We know what our products and our design solutions can do and we have the skills and expertise to design job-specific components, from start to finish. 

ABS can conduct site surveys to highlight material handling problems, quantify the costs, and determine the solutions with a calculated return on investment by comparing the existing costs and losses against the investment required for a solution.


ABS can assist in the drafting of project specifications to ensure that the end user receives solutions needed to do the job, rather than a costly imitation.  We offer a total design package from initial site survey right through to completed project hand-over on jobs such as conveyors transfer point upgrades, silo cleanouts, bin blaster applications and dust control projects. On projects where ABS products are "designed in" to a plant by a third party, we offer a 'no-cost drawing review' to ensure correct product application.

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