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Manufacturing locally enables ABS to make custom site-specific solutions that work for you. We have multiple additives allowing us to deliver site-specific product solutions. Our in-house manufacturing allows us to have short lead times without sacrificing quality.

Polyurethane Products

Our Polyurethane is amongst the best in the world. Our products are designed for longevity and efficiency.
  • Polyurethane lined spools
  • Highest performing polyurethane primary scraper blades (high-speed iron ore)
  • Polyurethane skirting 55 duro in various widths & lengths 3-150m (won't melt to your fast belts as the others do)
  • POLY-LITE HARDSKIRT LINERS sealing transfer areas reducing spillage halves downtime and most importantly no personal injuries. Prolong your belt life by using our POLY-LITE hard skirt liners. fines and oversize applications.
  • Polyurethane Lagging options
  • Polyurethane cast impact rollers. (direct bonded one piece to steel inner shell means no more loose/flying rings or rubber fires)
20mm silicon carbide x 2 tundish dischar
Screenshot 2019-02-28 at 4.07.19 pm.png

Ceramic Products

Our ceramic wear range can be fixed to any mobile or fixed plants. We design our products to have longer lifetime and higher performance.
  • Chutes / Spools / Reclaimer Buckets Wear Lining Materials

- Ceramic (92%,95%, ZTA, ARZ) 

- Tile thickness range 6/13/25/50/100mm

- Total liner thickness range 37/50/63/112/163mm


  • Ceramic Lagging

- direct bond dimple tile

- direct bond flat tile

Metallic Products

Complex  Carbides

- Chromium

- Tungsten 

- Various thickness available from 2on2 – 20on12


- Various grades and thicknesses

Silicon carbide (RBSIC, SISIC)

- Tile thickness range 6/13/25/50mm

- Common liner thickness 37/63mm

- Sleeve options up to 20mm thick

Conveyor Components

- Lightweight composite rollers with patented design sealing arrangements.

- Heavy duty impact beds custom made to suit your application 

- V-ploughs / diagonal ploughs / diverter ploughs


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